Elections for the Winter 2019 Term

We extend a sincere thanks to all the candidates for answering the call to serve our community. May Allah accept your efforts and reward you multiple folds of goodness in return.

Congratulations to Mohamed Moussa, the W19 MSA President!

Mohamed Moussa

4th Year, Systems Design Engineering
I’m in my final term at UW and would like the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience back to my community. I’m an exceptional candidate for this position because of my diverse and comprehensive experience volunteering with the MSA as well as my strong personal characteristics. Over the past 4 years I have led or served on the IAW, Ramadan, OSP, and Tech teams, in addition to serving as a general volunteer. I have also attended dozens of MSA exec team meetings and developed a deep understanding of how the MSA operates. I am known among my peers for my outstanding time management, motivation, and efficiency, and will apply these traits and more to my tasks. If I am elected, you can expect me to go well above and beyond the responsibilities of the President.

Congratulations to Suleman Azam and Saad Khimani, the W19 MSA Vice Presidents!

Saad Khimani

Suleman Azam

Masters, Accounting and Financial Management 4th Year, Nanotechnology Engineering
I have been active member of the MSA ever since I started my undergrad. During my time, I have taken the following positions: treasurer, Ramadan lead, led taraweeh on campus, Jummah Khateeb, volunteer position for events, and education office lead to assist with Jummahs. Based off my various experiences and involvement with the MSA, I believe I will be able to fulfill the role of VP Brothers for the winter 2018 term InshAllah. I have been (somewhat) involved in the MSA since i came here to Waterloo in 2014, I have worked with several exec teams on various teams. I have served as OSP lead (2016), Marketing Lead (2016+2017), Co-Ramadan Lead (2017) and First year co-lead (2015) so i know how the MSA operates.

The following term will be last in my undergraduate program, and I want to serve as your VP-Bro. I have seen what works well and the areas we need to improve on.

– Continuing the momentum from Fall 2018, I want to expand the volunteer base and make it an enjoyable experience with better communication with the leads/execs.
– We have been approached by the local chapter of MAC (Muslim Association of Canada) and Al-Otrojah institute (Quran Studies) to have more stronger ties with UW-MSA and provide oppertunities for collaboration and services.
– In addition to the chaplaincy program we need to make use of the local resources such as the Waterloo Imam and the newly appointed Kitchener Masjid Imam
– Want to make the finances and decision making of the MSA exec team as transparent as possible.

I should have a lot of time in my 4B term and plan to work hard to make the MSA strong again! Even if i dont get elected i plan to nag the exec teams to get the above points across 🙂

Congratulations to Ihsan Albakri, the W19 MSA Education Officer!

Amna Khalid

Faraz Tahir

Ihsan Albakri

1st Year, Physics and Astronomy 2nd Year, Mechatronics Engineering 3rd Year, Kinesiology
I’ve been an active volunteer in the MSA, participating in Chai and Chill nights, Tafsir talks, and attending Jumahs. I’m a member of OSP and have helped run their games night, attended meetings, and participated in OSP events. I’ve also dedicated my time to volunteering for other clubs and initiatives, such as Let’s Talk Science, science outreach events, and FEDS food bank. A wise brother once said “A lot of people take from the MSA but never give back, if we don’t give back then who will”. I’m just trying to be that brother that gave back the favour. The prayer rooms for Jumu’ah and Taraweeh were one of the I used most in MSA last year. I want to make sure we still have these privileges and more for the coming years. I have been a part of the MSA for the last three years. From participating at events, volunteering at some, leading some, and interacting with the community, I have gained an insight on what the role of the MSA is and how it could be utilized to serve the community at large. I aim, with the guidance of Allah, to maintain, improve and add to the repertoire of successful events that have been implemented this past semester, making them more accessible and practical in our every day lives.


Junaid Siddiqui

Syed Ashja Haider

Tayyaab Tanveer

3rd Year, Nanotechnology Engineering 2nd Year, Systems Design Engineering  1st Year, Computer Engineering
I used to be an exec for my high school MSA, I’ve been involved in Masajid events planning and organization, and as someone committed to learning about the some of the issues facing many youth today, I want to take a step to address these as best I can. “The Prophet (S.A.W) is narrated to have said in the Sahih of Imam Muslim: “”Allah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.”” Let’s work together to make our MSA tread the paths of both knowledge and ultimately Jannah.
As for myself, I cannot, by any measure, claim even a bit of knowledge of the religion. I am however, passionate about learning and I pray that whoever is elected can benefit us and make our community rooted in sacred knowledge.”
In addition to being involved in many UWMSA events and TA’ing for the YD class during my first term here, I have held an executive position in the public outreach (dawah) group in my highschool as well as co-founder position for an incredibly successful charity initiative, and have performed khutbahs in front of large audiences. I have also been privaledged to network with and learn under many prominent teachers and speakers, each with various specialties, here in the community in GTA, which would be specifically beneficial for this Education Officer role.

Congratulations to Abdullah Sheikh, the W19 MSA Treasurer!


Abdullah Sheikh

Mahnoor Ali

Sheiss Husnain

3rd Year, Kinesiology 1st Year, Accounting and Financial Management 4th Year, Mechatronics Engineering
I’ve been associated with the MSA for about two semesters. For my first semester with them, I really just tried to embrace the Muslim community on campus. I found myself taking part in many events and being involved in the organization of them. My second semester is where I became a First Years Lead and strived along with my team, in creating a fun and comfortable environment for the newcomers. We hosted several events to stimulate the growth of many meaningful relationships and created a place where First Years could nurture and further their faith. On top of that, I am currently a Youth Leader and Community service assistant at the Minhaj Institute of Canada. I also used to be the Student Council President on the REV committee As-salamu alaykum, my name is Mahnoor Ali and I am in my first year of AFM. As a financial treasurer for “Orphan Sponsorship Program” this past fall term, my responsibilities revolved around handling cash flow and accurately keeping financial records of every event. As a treasurer, I would passionately take on this role for the MSA as well. I am looking forward to being a part of the Executive Team, make new friends and create memories that I will cherish forever. Salaam, thanks for the nomination. I’ve been treasurer for a tutoring club and managed finances for several projects and products on co-op. I’m also interested in being a resource for younger students struggling with academics and living on their own. I’ll be on co-op term with much time to spare for MSA, iSA.

Congratulations to Muhammad Sikander Azam, the W19 MSA Secretary!

Zunaisha Shoaib

Muhammad Sikandar Azam

2nd Year, Honours Science 2nd Year, Science and Business
Alhumdullilah, I have attended majority of the MSA events from the beginning of my undergrad and have seen all the hard work that goes into organizing them. In the past I have been the president of the IBT council in my high school and have been involved in many event organization activities with that position. I hope that experience will come in hand for this secretary position. I have recently become an active member of the UW MSA, I was moved by the tafseer talk held in STC on Surah Waqi’ah. Moreover, provided a helping a hand during the Chai and Chill events that were held through out this semester.

What I can bring to the table as the Secretary for UW Muslim Student Association is my extensive experience in event management, having managed and executed events with upwards of a 1000 attendees. Moreover, being the VP Marketing for UW Pakistani Student Association, I was able to increase its Facebook page engagement by 34% and this translated to UW PSA hosting its biggest Dholki and Dhamaka (PSA EOT) event in the last 4 years.

Being able to multitask and make friends easily are some of strong suits that I believe are important qualities to have when one must assume any kind of position, which I happen to have.

Lastly I would like to thank the people who trusted me enough to nominate me for positions in the MSA, I am humbled. Now, my brothers and sisters it is your decision to turn my nomination into an elected position. Every vote counts so please I urge all of the community to vote.

Congratulations to Juwairiya Suhail, the W19 MSA PR Officer!


Fatima Noor


Salman Malim

1st Year, Accounting and Financial Management 1st Year, Honours Biology 4th Year, Computer Engineering
Gr. 9- General MSA Member
Gr. 10- MSA Secretary
Gr. 11- MSA Vice President
Gr. 12- MSA Co-President
During Highschool, I, along with my team, always kept others informed of our events through effective advertising through word-of-mouth or social media handles to ensure a great turnout.Gr. 12- Business Leadership Course
Customer satisfaction is everything for a business and the MSA operates as a business does. I’m ready to take on the responsibility to keep the team and community members informed and connected by responding to email and social media queries, and managing the e-news with the Tech committee. Such responsibilities have also been undertaken during my Highscool MSA tenure.More MSA Related Experience- This past fall term- MSA OSP Outreach Lead
Assalamu alaykum!

So, coming to UW, the first time I really felt welcomed and a strong sense of community was in the MSA. That’s why I would love to be more involved in the association with a position such as Public Relations Officer.

Most of my experience with MSA is from high school, when I’d regularly help plan and advertise various events (like bake sales, talent shows and movie nights), especially collaborative events with other school clubs I was part of such as Global Issues and Multicultural Club. One example of an event we held last school-year was a cultural night for the community. We had a room dedicated to introducing people to Islam in which we featured borrowed posters from the local Masjid, Arabic calligraphy made by MSA members (like myself), and Islamic clothing (like hijabs, abayas and thobes) people could try on.

InshaAllah, I hope to become as involved in the MSA here at UW!

JazakAllah Khairun

I have loved being a part of the MSA as a volunteer and OSP as both a volunteer and exec. I have experience as treasurer and lead for OSP and have also been a part of ramadan committee in 2016.

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