Executive Elections for the Spring 2018 Term

We applaud all the courageous candidates and pray that Allah reward them immensely for being leaders and answering the call to serve our community.

Please spend the time to read the statements from all of the candidates below.

There will be an election for 2 out of 6 active executive positions at this time: Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.  The other 4 positions, VP Sisters, VP Brothers, Education Officer and Secretary remain uncontested for this election. Please note that as nominations for the appointment of President remain unfilled at this time, a focused election period for this role will take place soon after the term begins.

To vote please visit uwmsa.com/vote-s18

Deadline to vote: Monday May 1st 11:59pm EST

VP Sisters:

Congratulations to Hasan Hanif, our UW MSA Vice-President Sisters candidate for the S18 term!

Hasan Hanif

I have been the treasurer for the MSA three times, and I feel that through my experiences as treasurer I have gained sufficient experience to take the position of VP.

VP Brothers:

Congratulations to Faisal Hussain, our UW MSA Vice-President Brothers candidate for the S18 term!


Faisal Hussain

4A Mech. Engineering
I try to help out with the MSA every now and then. I’ve served as EO, khutbah lead, prayer lead, and taraweeh lead in the past. I’ve been active in the muslim community and would really love to see the the community come together and help one another and so I’d like to take a jab at VP Brothers, especially because it has a lot to do with social events. The MSA is a body of people with varying levels of knowledge, eemaan, commitment to the deen, cultural understanding, opinions, and etc. So it isn’t always the easiest task to truly bring the community together. I have spent a good number of years at Waterloo and have done a lot of comparing and contrasting of it’s community to other Muslim communities. I feel I understand our community dynamics enough to help strengthen it with the use of social events and Ramadan.

Education Officer:

Congratulations to Zahaan Khan, our UW MSA Education Officer candidate for the S18 term!


Zahaan Khan

4A Elec. Engineering
Salam, I have been blessed to be a part of the MSA for years. I’ve served in multiple events including IAW and connecting the MSA with Islamic guest Scholars


Islam Jameel

Zahir MacDonald

4A Honours Science 1B Arts
. .
Make a difference. Change the world. These are the phrases that many of us hear on a daily basis. And upon hearing them, we get extremely motivated, post on social media and feel this urge among ourselves to become an active member of society. Ironically, most people feel this passion and have it fade away before committing to anything that make any difference. However, in my case, this hunger to help out Islam and Muslims will not fade away until I contribute to make a difference. This unstoppable passion comes from me witnessing many wars and conflicts. I am interested in this position because I believe that I have the mindset that would bring a positive impact to MSA. Retail and handling cash is a position that I am very familiar with. From handling money of fundraising that eventually built schools in Kenya, to things as simple as bake sales in my highschool. Not only that I will be trustworthy with the money, but I have the willingness and urge to contribute with ideas that will improve MSA, both its popularity and improving its purpose. One of the ideas that I want to pitch is feed a homeless day. This is a day where we, as Muslims, give back to our community. This good deed will serve our purpose, and it will also give a great representation of the characteristics of an ideal Muslim. Besides that, I want to help organize trips that are both educational and fun to relief stress during the term. I am willing to give my time and energy to continue the success of MSA and make a positive impact. This makes me a strong candidate for the position of treasurer. I have had the pleasure over the past year of being involved with the MSA by way of attending many of the events and by having it be a means by which I have integrated myself into the community. I would like to see the MSA become a platform more conducive to the sort of integration which I have experienced, and see it facilitate community growth on campus in a multitude of ways. I think that the leadership I have seen in the last two terms have certainly indicated that the MSA is headed in that direction, but indeed insight from someone who does not come from a typical background within the community could prove to be beneficial. I believe that it is my passion for seeing the MSA facilitate community growth and engagement that is at the head of my desire and qualification for this position, as someone who is motivated to see change will be likely to make sure it occurs. I am extremely passionate about what this body of students has the capability to achieve, and I think that with my unique perspective that necessitated a platform for community engagement, I would be in an ideal position to help facilitate that capability in whatever manner I can.ing Lead and VP Sisters

Secretary Candidates:

Congratulations to Yusrah Irfan, our UW MSA Secretary candidate for the S18 term!


Yusrah Irfan

I have experience working with the Pakistani Students Association as an executive for the last 4 terms. I have also worked with UW “Because I’m a girl” as the Vice President. Having worked with these clubs, I have developed a skill set that would make me an ideal candidate for the position of a secretary. Having worked with feds, managing events, I have developed exceptional organizational skills that can be transferred to this position. One thing I will do for MSA is organize more social events to help create a sense of community. Furthermore, I will also help keep things organized during the month of Ramadan.

PR Officer Candidates:

Daniya Mohsin

Sarah Masri

Leyla Fayaz

3A Science and Business 3B Arts 1B Science and Business
. . .
Since Ramadan is coming up, I would love to help the MSA in hosting iftars and help out in any way that I can. Previous Marketing Lead and VP Sisters In the past, I was Almaghrib’s social media lead as well as MIST ambassador and MSA general volunteer since high school. During first year I was IAW’s logistics lead. Something I would want to change/improve would be to create a more inclusive environment because people have felt alienated or that they do not fit into the “MSA circle”.