MSA Streams

Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP)

The Orphan Sponsorship Program’s (OSP) goal is raise awareness about local and international orphans and fundraise money which will be donated to orphan sponsorship organizations. They strive together towards their goal by arranging games nights, movie nights, and general fundraising activities.
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Islamic Information Center of the University Waterloo (IICUW)

The Islamic Information Center of the University Waterloo (IICUW) focuses on promoting the intercultural diversity amongst society in Canada by enhancing interfaith tolerance and relationship through the improved perception of Islam. The IICUW strives to provide the local community with accurate and unbiased information regarding the principles of Islam. In order to achieve this noble aim, the IICUW facilitates the awareness of Islam by providing the following services:
  • Free copy of the Holy Quran (English Translation)
  • Free Islamic Information Booths (in SLC)
  • Free Books/DVDs on Islam
  • Free Discover Islam Workshops
  • Free Movie Nights (Documentaries/Lectures)
  • Free Visit to Local Mosque
  • Any information you need about Islam

MSA Subteams


The education team focuses on curating Islamic content with the intent of benefitting the UW muslim community. This may take the form of educational posts, workshops, or halaqat. When running a workshop or lecture, the typical format is to determine a topic that is deemed relevant and beneficial, then contact a reliable Shaykh or speaker that specializes in said topic to speak at the event. Secondly, the education team oversees prayers such as Jumu'ah and Taraweeh. Thirdly, the education team serves as the MSA’s advisory team within the scope of Islamic knowledge and or fact-checking of information before release.


The marketing team is to handle many tasks. These include; updating, helping to create creative content, regularly publishing creative content on social media platforms to keep the community up to date, creating drafts of the newsletter to be sent to the VP External for approval, attending weekly/bi-weekly marketing team meetings, reviewing the external term plan to follow through with posting dates, and taking photos/videos during events for social media publication.


The events team organizes and orgutes all the social events that the MSA runs. These events are incredibly important for the UWaterloo Muslim community as they create a space where students can express their faith and build meaningful relationships with other Muslims. These events end up being an integral part of the university experience.


The tech team’s main focus is to work on an amazing but lengthy project, namely the development and expansion of our MSA website! It is currently hosted through a Shopify subscription. A comprehensive workspace has been created and is managed with organized designs and weighted tasks. A new initiative of creating MSA’s brand new mobile app is taking place.


The internal team is responsible for aiding the VP Internal in advocacy efforts against Islamophobia. This includes engaging in meetings with NCCM and other on-campus support bodies to develop practical solutions in combating Islamophobia. The internal team is also responsible for gathering information on causes that impact the Muslim community, that would later be delivered to the VP External or marketing team for public release.


The finance team is responsible for aiding the VP Finance in ensuring that all financial transactions for the club are monitored and verified. The finance team also works with the events team to organize events aimed to educate students on how to deal with their finances in an Islamic manner.

Sign up as a general MSA volunteer and engage with any of the above subteams! You will be contacted preferably by email to come and help out in one of our events. No matter how small you are able to contribute, you are serving the whole community here on-campus.

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