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General Email:
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Fatum Abdullahi

Asalamualakum! Our goal this term, is to use the blessings around us to help our muslim student community. During these tough times our focus will be to foster the University of Waterloo Muslim community by holding beneficial events, serving as mentors and helpers, and to create a sense of community both virtually and on campus. Our goal is to help our muslim students excel both in their deen and dunya matters, ultimately to help our Ummah grow as a whole. If there is anything we can do to help you, know that this association has welcoming doors and is here to serve you!

Fatima Noor

VP Internal

Assalamu Alaikum! 

I’m Fatima and I will be your VP Internal for the Fall 2021 term. I’ll mostly be acting as the bridge between MSA and OSP, along with other subcommittees. I will also be the NCCM campus liaison so if you face any troubles due to your Muslim faith, please reach out to me and we can raise the issue to NCCM to ensure your voice is heard and measures can be taken to help reduce such negative acts in the society. Side note, I’ll be starting my fourth year of AFM so feel free to touch base for any program information!

Looking forward to a great term inshaAllah! 🙂

Maleha Mirza

VP External

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah ﷻ says “Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness” [Al-Quran 5:2]. As VP External, I am dedicated to work alongside fellow Muslims who share the common goal of striving for righteousness for themselves and for others. I intend to be a liaison between the MSA and external bodies, and help form meaningful connections so that we all may benefit. I lead the marketing team through facilitating the creation of social media campaigns that meet our guidelines, to keep engaged with our MSA community!

I’m very excited to work with the team in my second-term as VP External! May we see a prosperous term, Ameen!


Mobarak Mondal

VP Operations

Assalamu alaikum everyone, I am excited to be the VP Operations for this fall term. I will be acting as support to all the MSA’s executives so that they can succeed in their tasks and responsibilities. I will be doing this by checking up on tasks assigned to the execs and recording everything occurring on our weekly meetings. I will also be responsible for all the equipment we’ll be using in the occurrence of our in-person events. I am happy to find another way to give back to the community, which cannot ever be enough to repay the welcoming and beautiful experience I had during my first year. 

I joined msa for my own wellbeing as well. Asking myself how I can be of service is one the most powerful questions I can ask myself. It gets me up on my feet, forces me out of my way and redirects my intentions not initially towards others. It reignites my sense to help others and bring comfort to them. Seeing a smile is all worth it. And this consequently also helps me.

I look forward to how this term will play out with the new executives and the events from the MSA.

Ayesha Ebrahim

VP Events


My name is Ayesha and I will be the VP of events this term. InshAllah we will be organising events geared towards the education and discussion of Islam, promote career growth and build our community. I am very excited for what is to come and inshAllah I will dedicate myself to bringing our community together!

If you have suggestions for events you’d like the MSA to run or any feedback on past or future events, feel free to contact me through Facebook or at

InshAllah this will be a great term for the MSA!

Abdul-Hannan Ahmad

VP Education

I’ve been interested in MSA since middle school, so taking part in it now is a great opportunity. MSA serves as a massive source of meaningfulness, and I intend to carry that onward.

My favourite Hadith on social cohesion is the following: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “By the One in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, the believer is like a bee which eats that which is pure and wholesome and lays that which is pure and wholesome. When it lands on something it does not break or ruin it.”

Being diligently perceptive, recognizing what the people need, creating stable foundations, and providing the resource effectively is key. Fortunately, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants, be it mentors or past leaders, including a fantastic team.

May Allah empower MSA with unparalleled and fruitful endeavors!

Basma Hamodi

VP Finance

As-salaamu Alaikum. My name is Basma Hamodi and I am in my fourth year of AFM. This is my second term being the VP Finance for the MSA and I love being part of an amazing community and helping organize great initiatives, with an emphasis on the financial aspect of things such as recording transactions, making budgets, and creating the end-of-term financial statements. I’m looking forward to another amazing term inshaAllah!