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General Email:
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Bilal Hussain


About Me: I love participating and being involved in various community organizations. I have experience with event organization, public speaking, and mentorship. I like to invest my time in issues that I am passionate about, currently areas that I’m passionate about include MSA, charity events, and hackathons (tech projects/DIYs).

Why did you join the MSA? I joined the MSA because I believe it is important to build a strong community on campus that stands for the values that is representative of our voices. I understand that the MSA faces challenges and is not a utopia, I work everyday so that perhaps we can be the influencers of positive change. I ask you to join us.

Message to General MSA Member Base or Quotes

“Organized evil will always triumph over disorganized righteousness” – Imam Khalid Latif.

Let’s organize!

Role: President W17 and Khateeb.

Salah El-Din El-Batroukh

VP Brothers

I am a graduating Mechanical Engineering student, and have worked with the Muslim community on volunteer and community service projects for several years now. I am completing my undergrad this term, and hope to go out with an MSA revival. My interests lie in weightlifting, all sports, and League of Legends (I’m bad at it though).

I have worked with the MSA for several terms, and am honoured to finally fulfil the role of VP bros.

Anam Hussain


Asalamu alaykum everyone! My name is Anam and I am a 3rd year chemical engineering student. I started volunteering in my first year but was always too afraid of taking an exec position. I decided to face my fears, et voila, I am the secretary this term. Alhamdulillah this experience has thus far been unforgettable and I would encourage everyone to get involved!

I love meeting new people and making life-long friendships. Feel free to say hi and stop for a quick chat if you ever see me. I’d love to meet you!

Faisal Hussain

Education Officer

Salam aleykum
Faisal Hussain
3A mechanical engineering
Education officer

I’ve helped out in the past as da’wah lead,  Taraweeh lead and Imam, Ramadan director, khateeb, and education officer. I really want to help the MSA become sustainable, engaging, and a beacon of light so students have a place to go to that can at least point them towards the right direction when it comes to anything concerning Islam.

Some of my past initiatives include:

  • Taraweeh on campus
  • Public prayer in SLC
  • Brother’s Quran circle
  • Khutbah training via khateeb trainer
  • Khutbah banks
  • Online khutbah evaluation
  • Khatib critiquing platform

It’d be nice to give this a second go and see what we can do together.

“Being able to get together and execute our goals as a community is important and I’d like to do whatever I can to help in that regard!”.

Hasan Hanif


Program: AFM

Brief Statement: This is the second time I am serving as treasurer for the MSA, and my goals are financial stability and transparency in regards to finances of the MSA.

Saira Anwar


Salam guys! My name is Saira Anwar and I am your public relations officer for the Winter 2017 term! I am a second year student majoring in Economics and am currently on co-op. I joined the MSA back in first year by co-leading #IAW2K16 to get involved with campus life, in addition to finding a crowd that could help me balance my Muslim and student identity. I’ve found the MSA to be much more than a club- it’s a family that loves and supports one another, while collectively doing our best to please the Almighty. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of it, Alhamdulillah! As PR, my goal this term is to create a stronger social media presence and take on more outreach initiatives. I’d also like to further facilitate communication between the exec team and general members to have a more transparent and engaging MSA. If you ever have any ideas you’d like to share, please reach out to me on Facebook or e-mail me! Much love MSA fam, best of luck this term!