Elections for the Fall 2018 Term

We extend a sincere thanks to all the candidates for answering the call to serve our community. May Allah accept your efforts and reward you multiple folds of goodness in return.

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Voting ends Tuesday September 11th @ 3pm.


Candidate for President:

Samah Abid

3rd Year, Urban Plannnig
I’ve been involved with the MSA since my first year as OSP and IAW lead and I’ve been an exec for 2 consecutive terms as VP sis and secretary. I’m passionate about helping people and solving problems and believe consistent commitment is necessary for change. I’m familiar with various issues faced and can use that prior experience to help navigate the team through creating different solutions. I have been in several leadership positions that will allow me to fulfill these responsibilities, bi’ithnillah.

Candidates for Vice-President Brothers:

Amhar Hira

Hasan Hanif

3rd Year, Biotechnology/Economics 4th Year, AFM
Over the past several years, I’ve been involved with the UWMSA through volunteering and being a socials lead. Through these past experiences, I have been able to understand how the MSA operates and have new ideas that I’d like to implement to help make the MSA be a more inclusive environment. I have been part of the exec team four times – thrice as treasurer and once as VP Sisters. As VP brothers this term, I wish to focus on improving the following aspects in the MSA: 1. Financial transparency and ensuring that the exec team releases a report of the finances at the end of the semester as it is important for the MSA to be accountable to its donors and members in terms of finances. 2. Ensuring that reimbursements are processed at their earliest so members who have made incurred expenses on behalf of the MSA do not face delays in being reimbursed. 3. Ensuring that we have events to help first year Muslim students feel welcome in the MSA as it is these students who will be leading the MSA in future years.

Candidates for Vice-President Sisters:

Aisha Jamal

Fatima Haneef

3rd Year, Health Studies 4th Year, Social Development Studies
Asalamualaikum! I have been apart of the MSA since my first year. I helped as a general volunteer for Islamic Awareness Week which was by far my favourite event. In my 2A term, I was one of the First Year’s team lead where I had the privilege of working with the First Year’s and making them feel welcomed on campus through several events. By joining the MSA’s exec team, I hope to connect and help enhance the university experiences of the Muslim community at UW. I have been a secretary with the MSA in Winter 2018 and had a great experience. I want to explore different skills through VP that I have not had a chance to while I was a secretary. I want to polish my leadership skills, decision-making, working in a group, and also learning how to work along with the president in a religious setting. I have experience with decision-making and working in a group due to my current workplace but I want to learn how different and similar it may be in a religious setting. I believe this position will not only help me academically, but also it will help me stay humble and be a reminder of my intentions. Academically, this position may help me pursue my career as a spiritual counselor.

Candidates for Education Officer:

Hashen Abdi

Saad Khimani

3rd Year, Environment 4th Year, AFM
I have been involved in the khateeb program in Waterloo since my first year and have been active in talks and education initiative to connect the Muslim student body at UW to their deen. I have also been directly involved with Masjids in my local area and hope to utilize the skills and connection to improve the Muslim experience at UW. Asalamalaikum, alhumdulilah I have been part of the MSA exec team as a treasurer, khateeb and taraweeh Imam on and off campus, and have also been a part of the Ramadan committee. Apart from my activity in Waterloo, I am active in the Muslim community in my local Masjid as a part-time Imam and Islamic school teacher. With these various experiences, my goal and desire is to enhance the Jummah experience for our Musalees along with enforcing proper Islamic conduct. JazakAllah for your consideration.

Candidates for Treasurer:

Daniya Mohsin

Najji Abid

3rd Year, Biotech/Econ 2nd Year, AFM
Held office as the President of PSA for more than one term I’m in my 2nd year at UW studying Accounting and Financial Management. I volunteered with the MSA during my first year and really want to get more involved and help out by joining the exec team this term. I have been a treasurer and leader for other clubs and organizations that I’ve volunteered with, and have the required experience, responsibility and leadership required to commit to such a role.


During the first phase of elections this position was not selected by candidates as their primary choice. This position will be filled in the next stage among the candidates who selected this position as an alternate choice.

Candidates for Public Relations Officer:

Sarah Masri

Sarah Mohammed

3rd Year, Arts 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering
Previous Marketing Lead and VP Sisters. Salams! My name’s Sarah and I’m running to be your Public Relations officer. I started getting involved with MSA about a year ago during the Friday Jummahs when I asked an Exec if we could start recording/posting the khutbahs because some were pretty cool… I then realized there’s so much we can do in the MSA (both religiously and socially) to connect with each other…so as your PR Officer, I’d dedicate my weeks to connecting students and creating (super) awesome events, linking all departments (undergrad/grad) and faculties. 🙂

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