Based on the book “The Sealed Nectar”.

Living with the best man ever to walk the Earth is a unique experience that most of us didn’t have the chance to be part of. What you will gain from this class is living with the Prophet (pbuh) in his life’s story through a critical, stimulating and thought-provoking environment.

Join us for the Seerah class every Wednesday at 6:30pm in MC 4063 insh’Allah.

Sheikh Mustafa Mohamed has been learning Islam from local scholars in fhe middle east and canada for 3 decades. He is formally conpleting his Bachelors in Islamic Studies at Mishkah University. He has taught Islamic Studies to many students in the GTA including the YD program at the i3 Institute years 2016-2018. In practice, he is an electrical engineering manager in Hamilton, ON and currently lives in Cambridge, ON. He is married and has 5 children.

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