As salamu alaykum all,

The UW MSA and WLU MSA has partnered with Islamic Relief to host our termly end of term dinner. The theme of this dinner, in accordance with this term’s theme is “Remembering our Beloved ﷺ”.

Imam Yasin Dwyer will be joining us for a beautiful talk regarding our Prophet’s life to inculcate love in our hearts and to learn how we can move forward as students in his footsteps. We will also be having performances of traditional qasidas by local munshid, Idriss Sparkes.

Throughout the night, there will be interesting games as well for your entertainment and it will be an awesome opportunity for your to connect with your fellow brothers and sisters and end the term with a bang!

The left over proceeds from ticket sales will be going towards supporting the orphans in Gaza!

And of course, we can’t forget that there will be delicious food as well 🙂

As a reminder, the dress code for this dinner is both semi-formal, or multi-cultural!

DATE: Wednesday, November 27

LOCATION: WLU Senate and Board Chamber

TIME: 7 – 10 PM

Tickets: $20 (early bird) and $25 regular price (starting Sunday)

Purchase your tickets here:

We are super excited for this event, and we hope to see you all there insh’Allah!