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The Eclipse Prayer (Salatul Kusuf): A Concise Guide

Introduction This section is dedicated to outlining the approach and format for Salatul Kusuf (Eclipse Prayer) in alignment with the general consensus amongst scholars and specifically tailored for the UWMSA community. This guide is based on the majority views of the Ulema, incorporating the notable variances as additional insights. Salah Format Main Approach The prayer consists of 2 Rakahs performed in congregation (Jamā'ah), reflecting the predominant practice supported by the consensus (ijmā’) of the Ummah, as indicated in research below. In each Rakah, the Imam will lead the congregation with Fatiha and a subsequent Surah recited aloud, embodying the essence of public prayer. This is based on the prevailing opinion among the Hanbali, Shafi'i, Maliki, Zahiri schools, and scholars like...

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